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Revelation Given to Orson Hyde, 14 March 1846

  In March 1846, the Exodus from Nauvoo was already well underway. During this time, Orson Hyde remained in Nauvoo to oversee the matters of the Church during this transition. He was also faced with those who were forming schisms in Nauvoo, including John Page and James Strang. As the senior apostle in Nauvoo, Orson Hyde received a revelation which he published in a broadside on 14 March 1846. This same revelation would then be printed in the next month’s edition of the Millennial Star in England, from which the following text is drawn. In this revelation, the Lord addressed many timely things for the Saints in Nauvoo, including James Strang’s claims to authority, the importance of following the Twelve, the sealing keys held by the Twelve, the exodus west, and the promised rewards the saints would receive. It is also worth noting that this revelation states that Strang's "spirit and ambition shall soon fail him, and then shall he be called to judgment and

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